@KaypachaFest Astrology Forecast for #Nov 6, 2013 #TomLescher

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It can’t get much more serious, Than it has been of late, I’m seeing the truth of just who I am, In the choices I now must make! Oh, the pressure! Will it ev…

Brian Castellani‘s insight:



Oh, the pressure!  Will it ever cease?  You may have been asking that question for awhile now and the answer is …. never (haha!).  No, seriously, Mercury goes direct this Sunday, giving the green light to the well thought out (hopefully) plans that have needed to be changed, modified, or scrapped and redone in the past 3 weeks (along with cars, trains, and communication systems!).  While we have been in the school of hard knocks, it is hard knocks that break the rigid old patterns and clear the way for a more enlightened approach to living.  Hang in there, though sometimes the truth hurts, at least you know what is real once it has been revealed!  

It can’t get much more serious,Than it has been of late,I’m seeing the truth of just who I am,In the choices I now must make!


Well, one thing about making choices and taking action is that you get to see some results!  I want to thank the photographers who responded to the Mantra Book project we have initiated!  It is going to be so cool!  I am also on the last pages of finally editing the first Astrology 101 webinar, so we will be putting it out in ebook form soon too!  The "Intimacy and Relationship in the Horoscope" webinar is just better and better the deeper we go into it, and together we are finding new aspects to every archetype through the study.  The first two are recorded and available if you would still like to join.  I don’t know when I will actually get around to editing the written version, as I have Astrology 201 to do first….. these days it doesn’t seem to matter how much you get done as there is always more to do!!!!!  I hope are living your passion ‘cuz then you get more of that, too!!!!!


Namaste’, Aloha, So Much Love,


PS.  Oh yeah, I’m also excited to announce that my friend and awesome astrologer Maurice Fernandez will be our NPA Community expert for the month of November.  I’ll be interviewing him this weekend about all the astrology that is going on in the months ahead.  If you are not in the NPA Community you should check it out…. lots of astrology there if you are into learning…. one way or the other…. Injoy!

PPS  Oh yeah, the attached heliocentric chart!  I’m going to start including more of the helio perspective from now on.  Most astrology these days is geocentric (earth as the center) but the heliocentric (Sun as the center) really gives a bigger, broader, perspective and shows alignments/timing that is important.  You will see that rather than showing the Sun and the Moon, you will see the symbol for the Earth (Gaia) in Taurus (opposite where the Sun is seen in Scorpio).  Especially watch Mercury and Venus, as they orbit inside the Earth’s orbit and….. drum roll please…. there are no retrogrades in Heliocentric astrology!!!!  Yeah!

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