@cinman108 Colleen Inman – #YogaTeacher Qigong Tai Chi

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Colleen Inman – Yoga Teacher Qigong Tai




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@cinman108 Colleen Inman – #YogaTeacher Qigong Tai Chi


Zen Business Bootcamp – Colleen Inman – Yoga Teacher Qigong Tai Chi


Colleen Inman –

Yoga Teacher, Qigong, Tai Chi



4015 W. Topeka Dr. Glendale AZ


Phone: 602-354-0898

Email: colleen@zenwellness.com


Over the last decade Colleen Inman’s passions earned her Dual Certifications in Yoga – both Zen and Anusara-inspired hatha, a degree in both Zen Wellness Medical Qigong Instructor and Tai Chi Black Belt Instructor. Currently she is earning a Directors position Medical Qigong, and on her way to a black blet in Kung Fu.As a lover of the healing arts the natural spiritual seeker within her, Colleen has studied in shamanism, with Taoist grandmasters, and other "enlightened guru’s".


She passes this through her teachings to best assist the healing of mind, body and soul.

See on www.youtube.com


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