@SarahOUaL: #HotYoga, as Told by the #Sweatiest Person on the Planet (#Bikram)

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I tried Bikram way once upon a time ago, and really hated it. I bought a Groupon (isn’t that how 90% of people wind up in studio classes?) for 10 classes and never went back after the first one. Fo…

Brian Castellani‘s insight:

Is my sweat hog experience normal? Hard to tell. Probably not. The middle-aged woman next to me in long tights and a tank was lightly glistening, but the hardcore chic up front (yes I broke the “focus on your mat” rule again) definitely had an elbow drip or two during Eagle. I did not see anyone else secretly wiping under-mat muddles after class, though.

Conclusion? It WAS a great sweat – my fingertips were pruny and I felt super skinny after (yay, water weight!) But if the goal is simply a detox, like I could imagine would be beneficial after a round of heavy drinking or bad eating, I’d rather just lay in a sauna. For actual workout purposes, I’ll stick to a fast-paced flow or power class. Give me quivering legs and muscle burn to validate my sweat-stache, please.

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