@kaypachafest : #Astrology Forecast for #Sept 18, 2013 (Q&A)

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Sometimes it hurts when my bubble bursts, I can no longer pretend, I just am what I am, And that’s all I can be in the end! Let’s welcome in the Equinox with…

Brian Castellani‘s insight:

Sometimes it hurts when my bubble bursts,
I can no longer pretend,
I just am what I am,
And that’s all I can be in the end!

Let’s welcome in the Equinox with peace, love and all the joy that Libra can make happen! It may take mustering up some will forces with these kind of aspects going on, but that’s what the ‘ol spiritual path is all about now isn’t it? Creating a reality that is joyous within, by simply knowing you are in the right place at the right time or you wouldn’t be there! And, that Spirit has something good in store for you and whatever you are doing is on the path toward that….. yeah?

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Buenos Dias!

I mentioned that I would attach the Full Moon chart in this week’s Pele Report and forgot to do that! Oops! Here it is (below). I’ve included the image, and if you’d like to print it out, just click on the image for a larger version. 

If you missed the Pele Report, you can CLICK HERE.

And while I’m at it, I’m including here a written interview by ThyselfKnown (below the chart). I hope you enjoy it! Click HERE to link directly to the PDF. 



Thyselfknown Interviews Kaypacha

Q.  How did your spiritual journey begin and what has been your most profound experience?

A. Hard to say.   Went to a Catholic high school seminary to be a priest starting at age 14.   I would say it began more in earnest through the books "Be Here Now" by Ram Das and "Think on These Things" by J. Krishnamurti when I was 17.  Would have to say my most profound experience was on window pane when I saw the mountains turn into waves and the tree I climbed come alive like an octopus and I realized that reality was variable.

Q.  What motivates you?  

A. Love calls me forth to be all that I can be.

Q.  What are some things you wish someone would have shared with you early in your spiritual journey?  

A. Kundalini Yoga

Q.  What are three things you have told yourself to help you get through your darkest hour?  

A. "This too shall pass,"  "There is no such thing as loss or gain."  "I am what I am and that is that."

Q.  What is one life memory you recall frequently? How has that memory affected you spiritually?  

A. I often recall a poor man almost getting run over in heavy traffic as he walked out to a statue in the middle of a busy intersection to say his prayers in India.  At that point I no longer believed in any religion.  It just happened like that.

Q.  You have been hosting this amazing festival called "Kaypacha Healing Festivals" can you tell us more about that and if you plan to do it next summer?  

A. I received a vision of a traveling healing festival after many ayahuasca ceremonies in Brazil in Nov. 2012.  I saw it as a means to realize a New Paradigm Community of spirit awareness without the use of any drugs, alcohol, or other mind altering substances.  That with music, movement, and each other we have all we need to experience LOVE.  The festivals brought together amazing people from all over the world and community was made!  In the process, I also wished to end ay hierarchical structure and step down from the leadership role so everyone could co-create next year’s festival together.  So we will see what happens!  Committees are being formed but I am not "driving" it or attached to any outcome.  Life is such an exciting adventure when you don’t know what is going to happen!  Haha!

Q.   What makes "New Paradigm Astrology" unique and how do you use astrology to help your clients heal?     

A. I always say it is not the astrology it is the astrologer.  Every astrologer interprets the horoscope based upon their personal set of values and beliefs.  NPA represents my personal view or interpretation of what Life is about, what it means to be human, what evolution is, and how that is reflected in the cosmic cycles of unfoldment.  I see the source of all pain and suffering as the result of separation from the ocean of love that is life.  I use astrology to heal the feeling of separation as it clearly demonstrates the unity of all life when some big rocks out in space illuminate your unconscious soul purpose for incarnating this lifetime!

Q.   In an interview you stated that you have a desire to connect with the divine feminine.  Can you explain the reason for that and the importance of the feminine energies that are emerging now? 

A. Wow… could write a book on this one haha!  Let’s just say for now that over the course of the last 6500 years of patriarchy the masculine has lost touch with not only the feminine but with itself.  The masculine needs the feminine in order to fully realize itself just as the feminine needs the masculine for the same.  By masculine and feminine I do not mean men and women as we each are both.  The masculine is the fire, star, sky spirit force that motivates change and the feminine is the ocean of creative imagination which is the substance longing to be manifest by and through the masculine.  They need each other.  As a man I have an affinity with the masculine (fire and air) desire to create, yet without the feminine (earth and water), men can remain ungrounded, conceptual, almost inhuman and coldly create structures, societies, and religions that have resulted in the destruction of  much beauty, harmony, and love on our planet.  I wish to connect more intimately with feminine aspect of my own nature so as to be more fully human, feeling, "here," and able to connect and create a new world where the masculine and feminine are again united in peace and working together again rather than fearing each other.

Q.  In the next 3 to 5 years how do you see humans evolving due to the work that you are doing now?  

A. I see the feminine regaining her dignity, strength and power daily.  I see the need for the masculine to rediscover itself so as to meet, listen to, and honor the feminine wisdom of the human body/planet.  I am looking toward cultivating a deeper understanding and teaching/counseling practice to awaken both sexes to need and value of the other as well as the need to inwardly "marry" their own masculine/feminine natures.  I believe the results of this work will restore, heal, and enliven both personal and collective peace, harmony, and the natural purity and beauty of our beloved planet.

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