UC Davis Lt John Pike Cares More About Hamsters Than Your Kids | Top Secret Writers

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On Friday, November 18th, a group of UC Davis students were taking part in an Occupy movement in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement in

Brian Castellani‘s insight:

Who Exactly is Lt. John Pike?

Upon seeing the video, TopSecretWriters investigators set out to learn more about the man, Lt. John Pike – to determine if he has a history of using violence, or otherwise acting abusively toward the kids at UC Davis.

Ironically, John Pike himself had made a scathing statement in 2010 about two students that had abused hamsters in their dorm room and posted the video on YouTube.

When journalists interviewed John about the incident and arrests, Lt. John Pike responded:

"It’s unfortunate. It’s very disheartening to listen to the extent of, and to read, what these young men did to the animals."

The two students – Henry Nguyen and Josue Melendez had used a cigarette lighter to burn two hamsters – so extensively that one of the hamsters died.

John Pike’s Police Brutality Against UC Davis Students

Given John Pike’s public statement speaking disparagingly about the abuse of animals, it is surprising to see the man walking in a matter-of-fact manner, aiming the canister of pepper spray directly at the eyes of the students.

He was walking barely 3 or 4 feet away from where the row of young students were sitting on the pavement.

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