#ANON: #LulzSec arrests deal blow to hacker group @cnet: March 6, 2012

See on Scoop.itBrian Castellani

The U.S. Attorney says six hackers in the United States and abroad, affiliated with LulSec, Anonymous, and Antisec, have been arrested and charged with crimes. Read this article by Don Reisinger on CNET News.

Brian Castellani‘s insight:

They caught him, and he was secretly arrested and now works for the FBI," an unidentified source told Fox News.


Law enforcement officials declined to comment on any plea-bargaining deals worked out with Monsegur.


LulzSec came on the hacking scene last year in a big way, targeting Sony, the CIA, the U.S. Senate, and FBI, among many other groups. The group also targeted Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal, after they stopped allowing individuals to provide financial support to WikiLeaks. Just as suddenly as it appeared, the group announced in June that it was leaving the hacking world, saying that its time was up.

See on news.cnet.com


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