Local #studio breaks trends w/ affordable yoga | Steve Hubbard | Dave Smith & Brad Hylton decided | @Yoganomics (@castellani) http://sco.lt/…

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Local studio breaks trends with affordable quality yoga – When Steve Hubbard Dave Smith and Brad Hylton decided to open a yoga studio they wanted to find a way to bring high-quality yoga to as many people as possible.Their solution — donation-base…

Brian Castellani‘s insight:

“We’ve got a really great set of students,” Hylton said. “People want to stay in here, hang out, talk with each other. They talk with the teacher and ask how their day is. And as a teacher, it’s nice to walk into a class of people who I would essentially go sit down and have a beer with and just talk to.” Their goal is to not only grow the studio, but to give back to both clients and the community. Portions of each donation are divided between the teacher, studio expenses and growth, the owners and local community charities and shelters.

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