@Yoga_Journal – #YogaBiz – #YogaTeacher’s #Employment Contract – Part 3

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Yoga article: What should yoga teachers look for and what should they avoid when negotiating employment contracts with yoga studios?

Brian Castellani‘s insight:

By Michael H. Cohen, J.D., M.B.A. 

A contract is the result of negotiation, plain and simple. Yet, while negotiating for strategic advantages is prudent, both sides have to feel satisfied in order for the deal to hold over the long term. A one-sided contract sets up the parties for a lawsuit down the road, exacerbating the possibility of emotional and financial injury. In other words, bargaining for a powerful but fair deal can honor the spirit of ahimsa—nonviolence to one’s self and others.

The most important contract provisions concern:

DutiesCompensationType of HireBreachTermTerminationCovenant Not to Compete

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