#Customer #Shakedown: Airline #Scams Passengers at 37,000 Feet

See on Scoop.itBrian Castellani

Ryanair called one of their sales tactics

Brian Castellani‘s insight:

Ireland’s Ryanair recently got outed in the Daily Mail for a training manual that gives cabin crew advice on how to "keep the change," and boost the airline’s profits, when selling passengers drinks or snacks. “If you owe someone €2.00 advise that you are short of change right now, and can return the change at the end of the service,” reportedly read the Ryanair Sales Tips manual, published by company Retail InMotion. “Or ask them if you would like to purchase a scratchcard, or something to the value of €2.00. If it doesn’t work then don’t worry, at least you tried.”


A spokesperson for Ryanair says that the training manual has now been changed. “Ryanair’s policy is that change is returned immediately to passengers,” the spokesman said. “Or if no change is available, the cabin crew note the seat number and the change due, and it is always returned before the end of the flight.”


Bottom line, it’s another reminder to have plenty of small bills in your wallet when you start a trip.

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