Daughter of the Sun: >>>✹ Elements Gathering ✹<<<

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Brian Castellani‘s insight:

This Summer in Southern California the first ever festival style Primitive Skills gathering will take place.  Some of my dearest teachers and friends will be there sharing their wisdom of the land.  Many of you have wrote to me over the years asking how you can break away from the 9-5 system.  I believe it can start here.   Primitive Skills changed my whole outlook on life and the consumerism we surround ourselves with.   This way of life is what i refer to as "simple living".   I encourage anyone who is longing to step outside of the box to attend this gathering.   I am grateful and honored to be teaching at the gathering this year.  I will be sharing about ceremonial earth offerings along with classes on buckskin beaded medicine bags. Please come and say hello if you do attend!  We head back to Kauai in a few weeks so I am so happy to be leaving California with the Elements Gathering as part of this summer journey!

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