Corporate Abundance

Corporate Abundance

Corporate Abundance

Corporate Abundance

I think American yoga is destined to be packaged in plastic and sold to health conscious consumers in a waxy wrapt binding interested, activated media bound wrapping.   Do you want to want to know who sponsors the entirety of “Yoga Inc?Dove Chocolate, and Oral B.  Chocolate while you do yoga and Oral B after you finish your yoga practice…

By now you understand that Yoga Alliance is completely back pedaling on their regulation stance.  They also are using the past employees as scapegoats.
Maybe you still think that licensing is inevitable and actually does belong in the hands of those who are unqualified to make decisions for yoga as a whole.   The decision is absolutely clear. either as practitioners, yogis will continue supporting the controlling corporations that determine the fate of yoga – and completely submit to the premeditated and planned fate or … yogis will wake up from the corporate marketing and see the validity taking on an active role in yoga.
I am not saying that corporations are bad, I am saying that as a discipline we have accepted what we have been force fed too much for far too long.
There are new factors to consider as well. Many teachers and yoga institutions in India feel that it is not the jobs of government officials, or Yoga Alliance, to determine what teacher trainings are “acceptable,” or “not acceptable.” The issue has grown.
Again, I am not against Yoga Alliance, they just lack integrity. I just don’t believe them when they are obviously lying about their involvement in Regulation and Licensing. Who does it serve for YA to lie? They are used to 10 years of the Yoga Community accepting what they say at face value without expecting repercussions, however in this instance, it only makes their position weaker than it already is. We weren’t born yesterday.
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