Chronicles of being :: castellani :: Chapter 3 –Yoga Alliance / Imposed State Regulation / Vulnerability

Yoga Alliance had two years to comment about the Regulation issue, but YA chose silence over decision. They are not “serving” Yoga as their website states.

Yoga Alliance had a choice, they could have been supportive to Alison West in New York, supportive to Susan Van Nuys in Virginia, Supportive to Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, or to Washington state. ….. But Yoga Alliance was not supportive… As a matter a fact they said “abide by your individual state laws, the regulation of yoga is inevitable.” Very Negative and corporately guided words that only served their own interests.

Two Years of yoga teachers and studios pleading for guidance and not receiving anything at all. Not even so much as a “good luck.”

What does this say?

  1. Despite the negative rhetoric that Yoga Alliance spouted to teachers and studios, that they were wrong. The Teachers and Studios in New York, Virginia, Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, and Washington state, have had success despite the Yoga Alliance total unsupportive negativity.
  2. Yoga Alliance made their motives clear by their silence, by their lack of support, and by their refusal to deal with any of the regulation issues or anyone head on.
  3. Yoga Alliances own silence, inaction and hiding from the real issues and real people, has backfired on them. Instead of securing their seat in the future of yoga, they have shown what greed, inaction, and an utter lack of support will be either their inspiration to change or likely demise.

Some people privately ask me why I dislike Yoga Alliance so much.

I don’t dislike them, I just don’t respect their deliberate and significant indecision.

We cannot place any more undue responsibility on Yoga Alliance if they cannot live up to the responsibility.

My reasoning stems from meeting Jeanine Frest, an employee of Yoga Alliance in January of 2010, at the Yoga Journal San Francisco Conference. We talked for 3 hours – where she discussed her apparent frustration with the board … I, in turn, told her of possible ways that Yoga Alliance might try to regain their respect in the yoga community.  She attempted to discuss issues with the board, but was never listened to.

Instead Yoga Alliance fired three employees as a feeble attempt to regain their control over Yoga Alliance. Firing the Yoga Alliance employees was done out of fear.

Jeanine called me right after they were fired and was irate and totally distraught. She had been the longest standing employee that they had ever had since they began in 1999. I think that Yoga Alliance is not fit for the self appointed responsibility of leading yoga into tomorrow. Yoga Alliance does not have the qualifications, nor the aptitude serving the field of yoga. They are riddled with indecision and a complete lack of vision.

When I am asked why am I the one going against Yoga Alliance, I reply with a statement about accountability and follow through, the two main qualities that Yoga Alliance doesn’t have.

Yoga Alliance maintained silence when entire states needed guidance, and for that there is no excuse. It is too late and there is no going back. Yoga Alliance abandoned yoga a long time ago, and now people (meaning teachers and studios) either see that for what it is, or they continue believing the lie that Yoga Alliance has their best interests at heart.

Brian Castellani


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