Yoga Tips for Today

It is ridiculous that yoga studios in these states not be allowed to pass teacher trainings to students who want to deepen their practice.  It is utterly ridiculous that City and State governments who are NOT qualified to decide who is a yoga teacher from any teacher training program.

Karate is not regulated, Ballet is not regulated, Judo is not regulated, Tia Chi is not regulated… and the list goes on and on.

The regulation issue is about taxes and control.  It’s blasphemy that yoga corporations not take more of a stand for the independent yoga teachers and studios.  It’s a very unclear and leaderless time in American Yoga.  Larger corporations refuse to get involved in the regulation issue because it doesn’t indicate “love and abundance” which isn’t  good marketing.  Less etherial, and more “put your money where your mouth is”.  Take a stand instead of letting the decisions happen.  If there was a collective, intelligent way to make headway for yoga, then I would endorse it and be behind it.  There isn’t. So I am not behind regulation.

I am NOT against Yoga Alliance.  I absolutely do not agree the current atmosphere of thinking that yoga symbolizes an heightened aristocracy of enlightenment.  Yoga Alliance is totally detached from the customers they claim to serve and … REGISTER!   They are not a “regulatory” entity of yoga folks… they are ONLY a yoga registry of teachers, studios and teacher training programs… that’s it. Nothing else!   Any other presupposed responsibility that they have attempted to cook up for themselves has only caused trouble for teachers and studios, and UNTIL they can be 100% accountable for their actions, I will not support them.

Yoga Alliance CANNOT provide health insurance for teachers, they CANNOT provide liability Insurance, they CANNOT provide leadership.  Yoga Alliance CAN ONLY count teachers, studios, and teacher training programs.   That is it.

Yoganomics – The wiki definition of Economics is the social science that studies the productiondistribution, and consumption of goods and services.


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