how to get “a head” in the corporate world

I am on my way down to New Orleans next Wednesday, and I am going to help plan and organize a strategy so the Louisiana studios have a legal course of action.

It was pointed out to me that my title: “how to get “a head” in the corporate world” is mis-spelled, a grammatical error…. It is intentional:  it’s a pun, a figurative pun about not taking prisoners and that individual yoga business owners need to make the corporate yoga world more accountable than they are currently being.

Right now, corporate yoga is only concerned with one thing: the bottom line. Yogis…. need to “wake up” from your benevolent “it’s all good” utopian dream and realize that Incorporated Yoga Brands are NOT people, are NOT your friends and paint the “pretty pictures” for you to buy more, more, more.

It is the practitioners, the teachers and the studio owners are who make up yoga today, NOT Yoga Media, NOT the LuluLemon’s, and NOT the Gaiam’s.

Out of the bigger corporate entities in the yoga market, there has not been ANY guiding force for studios or teachers to rely upon.  The yoga world has been lulled into submission while Corporate Yoga Inc’s  have gotten fatter and inflated the worth for the entire field of yoga.  They have profited from yoga, aren’t you curious why they don’t support yoga small business, when the majority of the yoga general population has not seen that type of growth.

All those Corporate Yoga Inc’s are taking money from the studios and teachers, but when it comes time to give back in terms of the “state regulation” all the corporate entities are silent…  quiet like they have nothing to say.  The only corporations that have openly supported local yoga growth was Manduka, JadeYoga and YogaWorks.

Yoga Alliance has taken money from teachers, teacher trainings, and Studios, they claimed that they are the guiding force behind all yoga standards worldwide, but they are clearly NOT leaders, they are clearly in on the joke to regulate yoga.

Separately, every single one of the Corporate Yoga Inc’s (IE: Yoga Journal, Mindbody Online, YOGA +, Yoga Alliance) are all *COMPLETELY* dependent on yoga practitioners, yoga studios and yoga teachers… every single one of them.

….I’m sorry, why didn’t you suport local yoga studios and local yoga teachers in the fight against Yoga Regulation?  Oh…. because there was no bottom line in it for you….  Greed – I see.

If Yoga Alliance and  Corporate Yoga Inc’s think that the studios and teachers are even halfway through the “Yoga Alliance fuck-up of Government Regulation,” we, the practitioners, the teachers, the studio owners… haven’t even started re-organizing, yet…  better get ready.


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